Zombiehunter Bob

This is a NES game I made in 6 weeks for the NESmaker ByteOff 2022 competition. This file includes the game, the manual, box art and promotional images.

Robo Boy The Gem Collector

Robo Boy is a test game I made in two days to test out a few game mechanics. It turned out as a complete mini game with an ending screen. I was having too much fun making the game and couldn’t stop until it was complete lol.

Ghosthunter Pete 2-2 (Projectiles & Power UPs)

This will install everything (assets, objects, scripts etc.) from the tutorial videos from episode 1-1 to 2-2. So if you download and install these assets you’ll be ready for episode 2-3.

This will isolate the Project Settings (in the GhosthunterPete project) from the default NESmaker modules. So you don’t have to worry about any files being changed or deleted. You can change any script you want as long as they have GhosthunterPete in the file/folder name (see picture below).