Nosey Joe VS. The IT-Bandit Test 1.0 Feedback

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4 thoughts on “Nosey Joe VS. The IT-Bandit Test 1.0 Feedback

  1. Henrik/RustyRetroEntertainmentSystems

    I like the game, spent quite some time playing!
    It is a big world at first. Nice with the map feature! (I found out selecting “load” on startscreen placed player on the roof and i could jump down into some levels that feelt off-limits. 🙂 It was fun to go exploring, (glitching and sequence-breaking is a part of super-metroid, one of the greatest metroidvania games, so it is not a bad thing.).

    And i did find the elevator-card after a while. 🙂
    I like the diffrent styles of the levels and enemies.
    The graphics are nice. A lot of work has gone into this.
    The controlls feels nice and responsive. Hitbox feels good.
    Got a “mighty final fight”-feeling being able to play as the mayor 😀
    Really impressive work in 2 weeks!!

    *Some enemies are placed so that they get you the first time you enter the screen. (when you know they are there, it is not a problem, some games are made this way to make the difficulty-level be higher)
    example:when jumping up a screen and there is a enemy right next to you.

    *perhaps could be able to jump down through the jumpThroughPlatforms, but i understand if that is a design desition making them 1-way pass-througt to keep the player in an area..

    *surprised that there where no pause button. But you probably just havent had time to implement that yet.

    It was nice to test your game. Keep on the good work.

    1. baardbi Post author

      I’ll make a note of the enemy placements you mentioned. I’ll have to think about the jumpThroughPlatforms. Like you said, it is a part of the level design and could make a few rooms too easy. Thank you very much for that detailed feedback.

      PS! There will be a menu you can access when pressing the start button. That will pause the game. But as you guessed, I haven’t had time to implement that yet.

    1. baardbi Post author

      That is some amazing feedback. All the work you put into this will be extremely helpful for me. I appreciate it very much. The good news is that some of these problems have already been fixed. I will definitely take a closer look at all the points you make here. And I’m very glad you and your son found it enjoyable 🙂 I do a lot of work on this game every day. So since I posted this test ROM I have made 5 bosses, 1 new powerup, new enemies, ice physics in the ice level, redesigned how the map system works, a few level modifications and more… Your feedback gives me a lot of motivation to make this game as good as I possibly can. So once again, thank you very much 🙂


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