Nosey Joe VS. The IT-Bandit Test 2.0 Feedback

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4 thoughts on “Nosey Joe VS. The IT-Bandit Test 2.0 Feedback

  1. kevin81

    Hei hei! You wanted feedback? I got some feedback! I’ve played blind (ie. without watching footage of gameplay or giving it a test run) for a little over half an hour, I captured the footage and made some notes about some key points of the playthrough. Hope these help!

    But first, let me say that I really like the game! Joe, Boss and the bad guys have a lot of character, the gameplay is smooth and the timing at which I discovered new things seemed just right. Although I only played it for half an hour this run, I’ll get back to play more.

    Gameplay footage:

    Key notes:
    00:18 Loading an unsaved game softlocks the game
    00:45 Moving left at the start softlocks the game
    01:28 I like the corporate background tiles. Also, great job on the slopes/stairs!
    01:42 This jump gave me some trouble – that’s on me though.
    03:08 First death.
    04:12 Fell for it again!
    05:27 Saving feature works like a charm!
    05:50 I felt like something was missing after beating the boss, which is why I went back in to check. I would likee suggest something more victorious happening (a short jingle, a nosey fist bump) to indicate you did something good.
    06:08 I like that the save feature is pretty near the boss fight, makes saving before and after the fight easier
    06:30 Dunno why, but I tried to enter the “Exit only” door. Of course, it wouldn’t let me.
    06:58 Second death. Loading works great as well!
    07:50 I was hesitant about jumping down, which is why…
    08:09 …I added a save state, just in case I’d fall into limbo.
    08:12 Luckily, there was no need for a save state: this just works as intended. Missed the money bag though.
    09:12 Man I suck at this jump lol
    10:55 Being inconfident in my platforming skills, I cheated here. Sorry! Eventually I got through it so it wasn’t even needed.
    12:45 The map confused me more than it helped me. Minor side note: the map function was not documented in the instructions.
    14:05 Conveyor belts work pretty good!
    15:59 Love the little mega man hard hat inspired bad guys. Also, elevator system works great!
    16:10 Giving Hard mode a try. Instantly notice bad guys take more hits and the good guy takes more damage. Smart way to have distinct difficulties.
    17:20 First time noticing the skulls, by pressing START by accident, kind of. This is when it “clicked” – the goal of the game is to beat eight bosses. Minor side note: pause functionality was not documented in the instructions.
    17:30 Finally got the hang of the jump lol
    18:15 I like it that the boss has a predictable pattern, makes the fight fairer.
    18:33 Double-checking if the skulls relate to the bosses. They do! So that association works well for me.
    18:45 Still not really feeling the map, sorry. Perhaps marking which rooms have been visited would help, if that’s technically possible of course.
    21:44 Elevator card requirement works well!
    22:47 Some of these tiles seem out of place, not the biggest of deals though.
    25:33 Ice physics seemed inconsistent.
    26:52 I wonder how I can fetch these shoes later on…
    27:19 Joe can still fire after death.
    27:45 I love how some floors tease what’s coming up.
    29:13 Second boss room found!
    29:20 I wasn’t sure if my hits landed, since it’s a bulldozer and all. If possible, a hit meter or life meter for the boss may help with that.
    31:37 Up until this point I wondered if the money had a function or if it was just to rack up points. Enter: the shop! I really like the concept and execution of this shop. I yet have to find out what the key cards are for (probably the white barriers).

  2. Henrik/RustyRetroEntertainmentSystems

    Nice progress!
    Got real Super Metroid feeling with the save and map computers! Don’t know if it is a new feature but saving also restoring your health when saving is not a bad idea. (no need for farming random health drops)

    Im starting to find my way around the start of the game 😀 But i havent made it very far. There is much more for me to explore. It´s a large world for sure.

    I didn´t understand that it is a access-card for the doors in the shop.
    In my first visit to the shop i thaught that i already have a elevator card, so i skipped it.
    (perhaps a little key icon on the cards graphix?)
    But then again, it is good with a game that makes you think.

    I will keep playing

    1. baardbi Post author

      That’s a good point about the access card. Like you said, maybe they should be keys instead. Thank you for another great feedback.


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