Master of Time

Temporary box art

This is a game I made for the ByteOff 2020 competition (NESmaker). It was made in 1 month. One of my biggest challenges with this game was that I was using the new NESmaker version that had just been released. And not only that. I was using a brand new module called metrovania (scrolling both ways among other things) that was sort of in a beta version (a few bugs here and there). So I spent a lot of time on getting familiar with all the new stuff and doing a lot of bug fixing. The demo turned out OK, but I wish it had less bugs and more fun gameplay. Anyway, the whole experience was great and I had a ton of fun that month.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

You can see some of the gameplay in these two YouTube commercials. The second video is made by my friend and fellow NESmaker Patricio Pereira.