Nosey Joe Drawings

These are early drawings and sketches that were made before the game development started. The second drawing from the top is the one that started the Nosey Joe project. I was drawing and having fun with my kids when I suddenly thought that I could make a game out of this guy.

The first draft of a Nosey Joe box art.
The very first Nosey Joe drawing that started it all.
Very early drawing to plan the look and feel of the levels in the game.
A very early drawing of the game’s antagonist.
The first drawing of Professor Electro made by my son David.
Boxey Pete’s first draft.
The first drawing of The game’s second boss.
An early draft of an octopus boss.
Shotgun Suzi was supposed to be the game’s fourth boss.
An early sketch of some of the enemies in the game. The shotgun guy didn’t make it into the game.